Hello everyone! Many of you were new to me this week and it was SO nice to meet you all! Nice to see returning faces as well, of course :)

I’m looking forward to all the fun we can have and progress we can make this summer session. For those who are new to this, each week I will post a little homework/assignment ideas summary for each student, which you can access either via my ABC Teacher Page or receive them via email when you sign up! It being the summer, I don’t want to be tooooo strict in terms of homework, but I definitely still encourage you all to actively plan in time to practice each week so that you can feel rewarded by your progress! Even a little bit of practice can go a long way :)

Please see below for you or your child’s recommended assignments for this week:


-try to get the “Adult Piano Adventures Book 1” for next lesson and we’ll build from there!


-work on some breathing exercises this week (inhaling for 4 and hissing out over gradually longer intervals is a great one to start with)
-ha ha ha exercise (1 3 5 3 1 (outlining a major triad) on the “ha” syllable, aiming for speech-level tone quality)
-Million Reasons – preparing for the higher notes (space in the vocal tract) and having the breath support to match it; slightly crisper diction (consonants) in the verses


-keep practicing “Are You Sleeping”, making special note of the difference between skipping up (higher on the keyboard, to the right) and skipping down (lower, to the left)
-you can also keep playing around with the notes we chose (from the ice cream game) to create your own composition! (or new notes too!)
-it would be helpful if he had a slightly higher chair or bench as well, if possible! just to foster good hand/wrist posture :)


-Minuet in A: work on the 2nd section, hands separately
-a minor scale, hands together
-I’d love to start an Etude (study piece) with you as part of the RCM curriculum. Check out this one here (#3), and let me know next week if you like it. Etude in C Major by Diabelli: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1qr1Hg3PaOn2_k3COgwAU7n3jPHrx1yQu/view?usp=sharing


-D major and D minor pentascale, hands together
-keep practicing “The Lonely Pine” and “The Juggler” — make sure to really count those rhythms when he starts to “juggle”


-practice, or add on to the composition we started in the lesson (using the notes we chose as part of the ice cream game, or with new notes!)
-practice playing a C major pentascale — can you try it hands together?
-next week, we will try to work on these sheets; if you can either have them printed or accessible on a tablet, that would be amazing! https://drive.google.com/file/d/1njQlw2q60hnO40hBqFB8Md7MzVDhmjqT/view?usp=sharing

I had a great time with you all this week! See you next time :)



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