Here are the practice recommendations for the week:


-Vacation Days – practice the LH, watching for the place you’ve labelled with the notes
-Your own Ice Cream composition – Work on your own composition with the notes C, D, G, A, and B, as we chose during the lesson. You can access a little print-out for it here:


-That’s mine exercise — work on the extended version this week to practice sustaining belt
-Make you feel my love, all the way through
-She’s like the swallow — when you’re singing, keep in mind to stay in your head voice (which you were doing already) and keep your soft palate raised to create space for the high notes
-brainstorm some ornamentation ideas and I will as well!


-D major triads broken and solid
-D major scale, hands separately (or together if you want to try)
-My Funny Valentine — drill the tricky sections!


-Keep in mind posture when singing this week — thinking of the string being pulled up from the top of your head
-What’s My Name — keep up the practice; on the 2nd verse focus on the vowels being more “open”, especially on the last line “And leaving us here will be their last regret”
-Castle on a Cloud — Dynamics: Where do you think it should be sung louder? Softer?

See you next week everyone!



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