Hi everyone,

Here are your homework assignments for this week:


Keep practicing the sixteenth note beat from verse 3 of Travellin’. Remember to play the crash cymbal on beat 1 of the first bar, and then start the sixteenth notes on beat 2. Keep a steady speed throughout and try to make each accent on the snare the same volume. We’ll work on this beat some more next week.


Practice the new drum fill that we worked on this week. Play it slowly and remember to count as you play. It is important to keep a steady speed while you play. Focus on not speeding up or slowing down as you play.


Practice the 2 new beats that we worked on this week: one from Arabella by the Arctic Monkeys, and one from I Feel Good by James Brown. Focus on keeping a steady speed and not speeding up while you play. Next week we will try to play these beats with the songs.