Hi everyone,

Here are your homework assignments for this week:


Great job on the rhythms and beats that we worked on this week! Take some time to review what we did and practice playing the rhythms at home. Also, try to write some new rhythms on your own and practice playing those. We’ll take a look at them at your next lesson.


Practice the beat and the fills from “Fool in the Rain” by Led Zepplin. Pay close attention to the open hi hat together with the bass drum. Practice it slow and make sure your right foot comes down at the same moment that you hit the open hi hat. Also, practice getting back into the main beat at the end of each of the fills.


Great work on the rhythm practice that we did in your lesson! You have a very good understanding of how rhythm works. Try coming up with some more rhythms on your own this week. Write them down and bring them to your next lesson. We’ll look at them and play them together. Also, try to find a song this week that you would like to start learning.


You’re almost there with Bossa Nova beat. Practice it this week if you’re able to and we’ll work on it some more next week. Don’t worry about speed. Practice it slowly and remember to count the left hand rhythm in your head before you play it. We’ll also work on some more 4-bar phrases next week.