Hi everyone,

Here are your homework assignments for this week:


Great work on Back in Black! Work on finishing the song this week. Practice from the Bridge to the last Break. Count out loud while you play (especially during the Break) to make sure you’re getting the timing right. Next week we’ll try to play the whole thing with the music.


Keep working on the latin beat exercises. Focus especially on the right hand and right foot parts. Make sure you know when they’re supposed to play together and when they’re separate. Keep the beats slow until they start to feel comfortable. Also, if you have any marimba music that you want to work on next week, bring it with you to your lesson.


Practice the various exercises that we have done with the clave rhythm. Mix things up with the hands and the feet. Try to come up with creative ways to mix the rhythm with the various pulses. These exercises aren’t just about coordination, but also about learning to hear rhythm in different ways. Think about what you’re hearing when you practice.