Nice work with the technical etudes.  For next week, work on Slama etude No. 2, and the E flat major one from “36 Etudes”.  Use a metronome while working on these, and take note of the quickest tempo you can comfortably play them.  Push yourself to increase that tempo gradually throughout the week.  Keep articulations crisp and bouncy.

Your Rochut was nicely prepared, too.  Great sound and musicality.  Keep it up in working on No. 5 this week.

I’m happy that you’re interested in working on some music theory in your lessons. I’ll look forward to going through the homework with you in two weeks time.

It was nice to finish off the lesson with some low long tones.  Awesome pedal range!

Mik Debowski will be filling in for me next Wednesday.  (Sorry for the miscommunication about this last week.) I hope you enjoy working with him.

I’ll look forward to seeing you on January 25th.  Have a good couple of weeks!