Hi everyone,

Here are your homework assignments for this week:


Practice the accent patterns that we worked on in your lesson. Play each one slowly and several times in a row without stopping. Focus on keeping the non-accented notes soft and the accented notes loud. Remember to watch the heights of your sticks.


Spend some time this week reviewing the different elements of rhythm that we have covered so far: quarter notes, eighth notes, sixteenth notes, dotted notes, and triplets. Practice the rhythms that are written down in your book. Next week we will do some more reading exercises.


Practice the two new beats that are written down in your book. Count the rhythms out loud before you play them and try to figure out how the rhythm lines up with an eighth note pulse. Next week we will try to add eighth notes on the hi-hat with each of the beats.


Spend some time this week listening to Led Zeppelin (and other bands too if you feel like it!). Come next week with a list of songs that you might like to learn. We’ll go through them together and pick one. Also, keep working on the beats from your book.


Great first lesson, Alexy! Practice the rhythms that we worked on at home. Remember to count out loud, and always alternate between your right hand and left hand. Try to play each rhythm several times in a row without stopping.