Bayli Cohen

It was nice to meet you on Tuesday and discuss some of your goals that you would like to achieve on the flute and in your music class. You’re currently making a good tone on the instrument and we will work on making it clearer throughout our lessons. As for learning to read music, we will continue to work on this together. Remember to use the sayings “Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge” & “FACE” to help you remember the order of the notes on the stave if you get stuck and can’t remember a note name.

Next lesson we will review the chromatic scale starting on note ‘C’ and introduce the one octave C Major scale, identifying the note names in your music, and note values. I have also created a worksheet that we can work on together in our lesson, and take home to work on to help assist you in learning to read music.

If you have access to an Apple device (IPad, IPod, etc..) please download the App ‘Flute Chart’ free from the App Store. This app will allow you to choose any note on the flute and show you where to place your fingers on the keys. If you cannot download this app, you can also find one of these charts at this website….


Keep up the good work and see you next Tuesday!