Hi everyone,

Here are your homework assignments for this week:


You’re all ready for the recital! Just remember not to speed up during the song. It’s important to keep a steady beat. Also, listen for when the song slows down at the end – that’s when we stop.


Run through “Back in Black” once or twice before coming to the recital, just to remind yourself of all the transitions. Everything sounded really good when we ran through it today. Just be careful not to rush and always listen carefully to the guitar and vocals.


Work on the first beat from “Arabella” by the Arctic Monkeys. Try to make it groove by keeping a very steady pulse and accenting beats 2 and 4. Also, listen through the rest of the song to get familiar with it. Next week we’ll work on the second section and figure out some of the fills.


“Don’t Let Me Down” sounds really great! Remember to sing the melody in your head before you count in to make sure you’ve got a good tempo. Feel free to play as loud and strong as you want to. I will follow you.