Hello piano explorers and parents,

Welcome to the last week of summer lessons. Please note there are NO LESSONS next Wednesday. For those who are registered with me in the fall, lessons begin September 9, 2015.


I appreciated teaching Abby and her enthusiasm and willingness to try new things! Keep listening and moving to music. Find the three black keys and play the tune, “Hot Cross Buns”. See if you can also play this on the middle, high and low range of the keyboard. Good luck in the fall!


Today we reviewed the exercises in Dozen a Day as well as chose a few review songs from her book. I didn’t want to start anything new because I won’t be able to follow up with her for two weeks.


Continued to refine “William Tell”. Think of how you want the rhythm to be, before starting. We also did some rhythm activities, finding the “pulse” of the song.


She did well on “Famous People” by counting out loud. Congrats!  Practice makes progress. We are starting “Leftover Popcorn” and “Ice Cream”.  Check your sharps, flats, naturals in “Ice Cream”. Check your right hand to see if it is in the curved shape. See photos below:


Incorrect hand shape

Incorrect hand shape

Correct hand shape

Correct hand shape


True legato playing: the sound decays as soon as a key is depressed, so listen and match the sound of decay on the subsequent notes. Breathe before playing a phrase.


Great job on “Oh Susanna” and “Skip to my Lou”. On “Oh Susanna” check the speed of your eighth notes (they are twice as fast as quarter notes). New song “Down in the Valley”. Don’t forget to review older songs, as you have learned LOTS of music already!


Remember flats go lower (left).  Great work on all your songs so far; you’re nearly at the end of the book! Keep up the playing and don’t forget to play older songs as you have learned LOTS of music already!