Dear Piano Explorers and Parents



Raindrops: Good work so far with one finger in each hand. Listen for a short, light sound (like very small raindrops). Now, use all 5 fingers.


You can ask Maria to play a key on the piano (you name the key and she finds it as quickly as she can). Remember the two black keys = garage, and three black keys = house.

If you have an iPad or iPhone at home, download “Noteworks” and “Piano Maestro”





Piano Maestro: download this on your iPad, and start sight reading some of the songs.

Technique: Practice the different types of arpeggios (with different patterns of white and black keys). Figure out the most efficient way to play these hands together (no finger 1 on the black keys except for the pattern with ALL black keys)

The Avalanche: On the first page, slow down in bar 13-16. Continue to practice the first page. When playing chords, look at what notes stay the same and what notes move up or down.

Positively Swinging: Play slow enough that you can play the rhythm accurately. Don’t forget the staccatos.

Prayer: Continue to work on this and I will hear it next week.





Lightly Row: NEW. Hold the tied notes in the LH. Can you play this without writing down note names?

Keep playing your top 5 songs as a warmup. 


Alyssa M

It was nice to meet you today! I look forward to our lessons in August!

Technique: B Major and Db major scales. Triads: look at the different patterns of white and black keys and mark down the ones that are more challenging for you.

Masquerade: practice up bar 32

Sonatina in F Major: Play the first section, learn the RH part. Be careful about the B flats.