Dear Piano Explorers and Parents

I can’t believe it’s nearly the end of the summer! Here are your homework posts for this week:




I gave Maria a few new pieces to work on. Please get a 1″ binder to put them in (with hard cover, not floppy cover).

Pieces we covered today: Sweetly Sings the Donkey, Ode to Joy, On Your Toes. We also went through Loud and Quiet.




Mary Had a Little Lamb: Well done writing this!  Today we transposed it to different keys, including minor keys. You can continue to practice this by playing this starting on any key on the piano.

The Avalanche: Think of a sense of direction when you play. The quick notes go to the long note. Be sure to play the piece in the correct ORDER. Count 1-2 as you play to ensure a steady pulse.

Positively Swinging: You’re nearly there!  Think about how to bring out the syncopated beats in the RH melody. Hold the RH note in the second-to-last bar.

Think about what piece you would like to learn next week from your repertoire or studies book.



Alyssa M

We reviewed how to write treble, bass clefs, and how to write notes with stem directions pointing the correct way.

Technique: C minor harmonic and melodic scales. Be sure your finger 3’s line up together!

Masquerade: Can you make sure the 4 technical challenges are achieved? Sit back a bit so you can play the arpeggios freely and smoothly without gaps.

Sonatina in F Major: Play to the recapitulation (where the music changes). Practice the exposition hands together, and the development and part of the recapitulation hands separate.