Dear Piano Explorers and Parents



Maria was able to locate the key on the piano when I asked her. Sometimes she still mixes up F and G, so keep quizzing her at home to find the key as fast as possible.

Please practice the song that we composed in class together. It is made up of CDEFG in the right and left hand.




We did some composing and improvising today. Complete writing the tune of Mary Had a Little Lamb  at home and bring it next week.

Technique: Continue to practice the arpeggios.

The Avalanche: Play to the end.

Positively Swinging: Practice this consistently each practice day.

Prayer: Continue to work on this and I will hear it next week.




Lightly Row: Good work so far!  Keep playing and hold the half notes for two full beats.

London Bridge: NEW. Put your RH with finger 1 on D. Don’t worry about counting the dotted rhythm beat – just play it the way you would sing the song.



Alyssa M

We reviewed how to write treble, bass clefs, and how to write notes with stem directions pointing the correct way.

Technique: Same as last week

Masquerade: you can play to the end now.

Sonatina in F Major: Play the first section, practice hands together. Be careful about the B flats.