Dear Piano Explorers and Parents


Pop Goes The Weasel: Continue practice this and I will listen to it next week.

New Shoes: Play to the end this week. Remember to play the B flats.  Be sure to follow the fingering carefully on the last two lines.



Fur Elise: Continue to practice this – I will hear you play it next week.

The Avalanche: NEW. To arpeggiate the chord, start from the bottom and hold the notes going up. Listen for an even spacing between the notes. This piece has 2 beats per bar, so aim for a steady pulse. 

Positively Swinging: NEW. Work on this hands separate. Swing the 8th notes. Follow the fingering so that you can play all the LH legato.




Piano Maestro: Continue the “Journey” and aim to get to chapter 3 or 4 by next week.


Kitty Waltz: Follow the arrow going down and up. Point to each note to help her eyes focus. The “natural” sign cancels the sharps or flats




Lavender’s Blue: Improved from last week. Continue to polish this, and become more comfortable with it.

Graduation Song: NEW. Has the same melody as Alouette.  Have fun!

Merrily We Roll Along: NEW. Put this in a binder. There are no more note names here so practice slowly and look at how the notes move up and down.