Hey everyone! I hope you all have a wonderful holidays and a Happy New Year with your loved ones. ?


What we worked on: We reviewed “How Far I’ll Go” and decided to begin working on “O Christmas Tree” linked here is a folder I created her with will have all her sheet music moving forward, so save it. I’ll upload a new version of her sheet music tonight.

What to work on over the Holidays: Start learning O Christmas Tree. I’ll upload an instrumental to the folder to practice with either tonight or tomorrow.

How parents can support practice: Save the Google Folder so she has easy access to everything for practicing!


What we worked on: We reviewed our Treble Clef and Bass Clef and then learned about the half note and the eight note!

What to work on over the Holidays: Please work on pages 30 – 33 in your book and, if you feel like you want to, have a look at pages 24 – 29, but this isn’t necessary! Focus on the pages just about the half note.

How parents can support practice: Help her read the instructions in her booklet. And make sure she brings the book with her to her first lesson back, in the new year.


What we worked on: We started looking at the song “Dead Mom” from Beetlejuice. Linked there is the sheet music. And here is an instrumental to practice with.

What to work on over the holidays: Focus on reviewing your breath and vowels in “A Guy That I’d Kind of Be In To” like we talked about yesterday. Start looking at Dead Mom when you have a chance or you get bored of your other song.

How to practice most effectively: Practice dropping your jaw for the rounder vowels. The more space the better! We also want to start looking at how we can raise your soft palate when you sing to give you more space to vibrate and resonate. Here’s a video you can watch to get a head start. Don’t stress yourself out over it – just try some of the exercises and see what feels best for you.

When practicing Dead Mom, I want you to visualize where your voice is going and where your sound is going. You can try my hippie dippie little exercise of sending your voice and inch above your head – you had such a clear, strong sound when you did this, so I encourage you to try again by yourself and see how it feels.


What we worked on: We began working on the song “Born to Entertain”. Here’s the sheet music, a track to listen to to learn the song, and an instrumental to practice with!

What to practice over the holidays: Keep working on your vowels in Talking to the Moon and begin learning Born to Entertain.

How to practice most effectively: For Talking to the Moon – we talked about breath and really strengthening your rounded vowels, so I want you to keep exploring that so we can hopefully call the song learned and done in January.

For Born to Entertain, I just want you to become familiar with the song. I’m linking a few similar singers to have a listen to. This song is super fun, super jazzy, so have fun, mess around, be silly! Keep your sound very open and round, like we discussed. The more we drop our jaw on those higher notes, the more sound we get and the more they ring.

Here’s some Barbra Streisand to listen to.

Here’s some Judy Garland.

And some Liza Minnelli.