Just a  reminder to please check the make-ups calendar and confirm or decline your make-ups for next week as soon as possible!


Recommended minutes to practice: 10 + minutes a day

What to practice: ”I Feel Pretty” to become as familiar with the song as you can be.

How to practice it most effectively: Listen to the song over and over again – obsessively, even. The more you listen, the more the lyrics will stick in your head. When you’re singing the song, remember to open your mouth as much as you can to create space for resonation, and breathe in as though you were smelling a flower to open up all those wonderful resonating spaces!

Next Lesson: Saturday June 24th for our regularly scheduled lesson


Recommended minutes to practice: 10 – 15 minutes a day.

What to practice: “The Best” – how we breathe when we sing.

How to practice most effectively: I created a track here, in your folder, which you can practice a long with, and it’s matching sheet music. Listen carefully to the track and you’ll notice the spots where you don’t sing are quieter, which means this is a great time to breathe! Breathe in through your nose, fill your stomach and diaphragm up with air, and breathe out as you sing!