Happy summer everyone!


Recommended minutes to practice: Ideally we want to practice at least 10 minutes each day. More is always better, but 10 minutes is ideal.

What to practice: Italian pronunciation and melody for “Caro mio ben”. I sent a pronunciation video and some tracks with your homework last week. Please refer back to them. Also, have a couple listens to “I Feel Pretty” so we can dive in soon.

How to practice it most effectively: Italian is practiced best by writing the words out phonetically again, and reciting them aloud a few times, then singing along with the recordings I’ve sent previously.

How parents can support practice: Keep encouraging her to practice between lessons. Singing once through isn’t enough, so helping to set a consistent practice schedule would be very helpful.



Recommended minutes to practice: At least ten minutes a day, but more is always better!

What to practice: Practice “The Best”. Give it a few listens then try singing it by yourself. There’s lots of words, so it might be helpful to read the words a couple times too, to become familiar with all of it! I’m sending you this link so, if we decide the song is too high, I can transpose it later for you!

How parents can support practice: Just keep encouraging her to have fun, dance around, enjoy herself. Singing is all about having fun, so the more fun we can have when doing it, the better.



Recommended minutes to practice: At least 15 – 20 minutes a day would be best. Make sure you’re warming up before you sing, too.

What to practice: Seasons of Love” in C Major and exploring how our traditional technique works within the more pop style song.

How to practice most effectively: Sing it through as if it were a classical song, or a hymn first. Then you can slowly peel back. When we see each other next, we’ll really dig into peeling back. But explore that classical sound and those open vowels we’ve developed.