Recommended minutes to practice: At least ten minutes a day, if not more.

What to practice: Practice your Italian for “Caro mio ben” and become more comfortable with the song. Learn “I Feel Pretty”

How to practice it most effectively: For “Caro mio ben”, practice by listening to the phonetic track linked here and singing along with the piano track linked here. For “I Feel Pretty”, listen to others sing the song, like this or this, and sing along.



Recommended minutes to practice: 15 minutes + a day

What to practice: Seasons of Love” focusing on breath, vowel shape and annunciation.

How to practice it most effectively: When you’re singing, pay attention to your breath – incorporate our breath exercise on your back into your warm ups. Remember – the faster the sing, the more we need to annunciation. And keep those vowels round. In short – no e’s and r’s, yes t’s and d’s.