Today we worked through our notes again. We worked through page one of her music together, so she can now go in and fill in the blanks on the types of notes. I’ve also asked her to go ahead and try and fill in the blanks through the rest of the song. She can use that first page as a cheat sheet through the rest of the song.

To help you help her, here’s a little cheat sheet with the types of notes. So if she gets stuck, you’re able to jump in and help!

When we see each other next week, we’ll review the song.



Fantastic work today! You’re making such great strides!

We talked today about breathing, and practicing breathing when we lay down so we can really feel each breath. And we talked about jaw tension, and ways we can ease some tension. As you practice this week, remember to include your jaw massages in your warm-up. Here’s another few shorts for you about jaw tension.