Great job with Let It Be! Keep practicing it with both open chords and bar chords. As discussed, this song would likely be played with open chords, however bar chords are more useful for your learning. Great work with the melody today. This is a great exercise, and something we will do more of in the future. Listen to the song and try to match the articulation of the vocals when playing. We will keep working on this. Good job!


Wildest Dreams is sounding awesome! Keep it up! I like that you sing the melody while you play it. It is a good way to make sure you are finding the right notes on your ukelele! Great work on Blackbird today also. We will finish this one next time. West Virginia is also a good one to work towards. Find the version you were talking about for next time! Nice job!


Great work on Run! It sounds great. Good job with our talk today on bar chords and the fretboard. These are really big topics so I want to make sure you understand. Keep asking questions when you are confused. Practice Run and Wake Me Up this week with bar chords. Try to understand the relationship between the chords and the fretboard as discussed. We will continue our discussion next time! Nice work!


Hey Jude is sounding great! Keep working on both the chords and melody! Try to figure out the bridge melody this week! Nice work on Horse With No Name! Keep practicing it with those new chord shapes we worked on. Also work on our new C shape bar chord. Nice job with the Island In The Sun solo too! Try to play it with the song! Great work!


Nice work with Anthropology! This is our toughest piece yet but you are doing great with it. You know the whole head now, so do your best to stay on top of practicing it. It is very easy to lose these difficult pieces if you do not play them often. Have a listen to a couple versions this week as references for the phrasing. We will focus on phrasing and rhythms next time! Great job!


Warm Chris sounds so good! This is a really tough piece but you are doing great with it. Your finger picking is really coming along. Great work on Continental Breakfast! Practice it slowly this week, focusing on your right hand. Focus on the picking patterns and rhythms we discussed. Also practice How Lucky this week. I chose this one because the harmony is simpler and will allow you to focus on the right hand more. Try your best to straighten out the finger picking rhythm this week. Tip: sing the rhythm like I do in class when playing. Great work!