Hi everyone!


We began working through “Moon River” today. Here’s a link to your sheet music. Please spend some time learning it before we see each other this Saturday.


Great work on “Jump!” We began working on O Canada today. Here’s a link to your sheet music. Remember – we’re singing it in C Major, so a little lower than you might be used to. We spent some time today learning our proper singing stance – knees bent, feet hip width apart, shoulders back and head floating. When you’re practicing, remember to try and use your singing stance. Please print a copy of your sheet music and mark, circle or check where you need to breathe in the song.


Here’s a link again to “Different Drum”. We want to really dig into your breathing technique – experiment by feeling your breath before you fall asleep, and get used to how your deepest breathing feels. That’s the breath we want when we sing. In a few days, try breathing like that standing up. Then try adding in your singing.


New song time! Here’s “Close Every Door”. Please listen to the song and get used to it. We’ll dig in more next week. Remember – we’re lowering it to G, I believe.


Great progress on “Dreams”. We experimented a bit with how to make your voice more authentic to your natural voice. I think our key in is to listen to your oo and ee vowels. Be aware of how many vowel sounds you’re using in place of the one vowel in each word. Like the word you – we just need the oo sound, not an oo-ew sound. Listen to yourself, record and listen back, and make some discoveries. We’ll discuss more next week.


Here’s your sheet music for Right Here Waiting. Fantastic work today. I want you to pay attention to your ee vowels – remember we want to think down on the ee vowels; drop your jaw to give us a more rounded ee sound, rather than stretch horizontally which tightens our sound. Also, when you get to those higher notes, especially in the chorus, think up! We want those higher notes to sound freer, so when you think up, you can create a bit more space and lift for those higher notes!