Naiara: Moon River/ Easy On Me

– Today we started exploring belting technique. We need to create a big space when we belt so as to not squish our sound or hurt our vocal chords. The big challenge is breaking down the barriers we’ve put up so we can try new things. When you’re practicing this week, try sliding up fifth scales, starting from D and sliding up to A. Once you feel good with that, try going up a semi-tone and so forth.

Olivia: Sir Duke

Excited to start this song with you. I found a sheet music in a good key so disregard my saying to not print sheet music yet. Here is good sheet music. It’s also been uploaded to your Google Drive folder for easy access.

Emmanuel: Close Evr’y Door

– Those higher notes can be difficult. We discussed lowering the larynx and learning how to “force” space without hurting ourselves, by lifting our head to look up at the ceiling on higher notes. When you’re practicing this week, be sure to play around with this technique and experiment with how it feels and how different your sound is when you allow yourself this extra space for resonating! Keep using the track we found today and be sure to memorize your song ASAP.