Hey everyone! Apologies on forgetting to post this sooner. It’s been a hectic few days.


Excited to start our new Italian piece. I’m attaching all the links and information in today (Saturday’s) homework post, so it’s all in one place for you.


Great work today, pushing yourself! All the high fives. As you practice this week, I want you to try and sing a little louder. Remember, the deeper breath you take, the louder you can be. And the bigger you open your mouth, the louder you can be. We don’t need to break glass with our volume, but, if we can start to strengthen your voice, it’ll be easier to pinpoint more specific things we can work on, and help you have more control over your voice! Plus, we’ll get to hear more of your beautiful voice :)


Remember the number one thing right now is dropping your larynx and breathing deeply. I know you know, but now you gotta to put into practice. Remember to experiment with yawning before you start singing, breathing in through your nose and feeling that weight in your throat drop – that’s your larynx.

Also, I have found a solo arrangement of Seasons of Love, which we’ll look at next week.