What we worked on today: We dug into our song, “O Come, O Come Emmanuel”.

Recommended minutes to practice: About 20 minutes a day.

What to practice: “O Come, O Come”

How to practice it most effectively: Take note of your breath and your vowels. We have some funky words in this song, so take some time to play with your vowels.

How parents can support practice: Check in with him to ensure he’s practicing.



What we worked on today: We began working on “TV”. Here’s a YouTube karaoke track to practice with.

Recommended minutes to practice: About 15 – 20 minutes a day.

What to practice: Dig into “TV” a bit more. You have such a great understanding of the song already, so challenge yourself to try new things when you sing it.

How to practice most effectively: We want to find your power in this song, and find your unique voice. We explored a bit about breath and grounding today, playing around with a few lines from the beginning of the song. Keep working on exploring your breath and finding ways to really ground yourself when you sing. When we meet next week, let’s talk about anything you discovered (or didn’t discover!).

How parents can support practice: Sounds like there’s lots of support already for Effie’s practice, which I love to hear! Just keep encouraging her to keep going.