What we did today: We worked on the final few pages of “Guy That I’d Kind of Be Into”

Recommended minutes to practice: 15 minutes a day or more.

What to practice: Review the parts we learned today and keep notes of what’s throwing you so we can review and fix things next week.

How to practice most effectively: The rhythm is tricky so try counting it out or even listening to the original song to get a feel for the rhythms.



What we did today: We continued working on “Talking to the Moon”

Recommended minutes to practice: About 15 minutes a day.

What to practice: Finding your voice when you’re singing Bruno’s song!

How to practice most effectively: Play around, explore keeping your sound forward like we played with today.

How parents can support practice: Just encourage her to keep going and keep trying new things!



What we did today: We finished “Maybe” and began working on “How Far I’ll Go

Recommended minutes to practice: 15-20 minutes a day

What to practice: We started looking at some tricky parts of the song, so we want to focus on those.

How to practice most effectively: Give yourself a quiet space and experiment with dropping your jaw to create more space and rounder vowels. Remember to always start by taking a breath and use your breath to carry you through each phrase.

How parents can support practice: Check in every once and a while to see how she’s practicing and encourage her to keep trying!