Nice work on Crazy Little Thing Called Love! Remember to practice this tune slowly, while focusing on keeping a steady rhythm. Try to play along to the song slowed down. We will finish this tune next time. Work on Ballad of John and Yoko this week. Have a listen to the song to get a feel for the rhythm of the line. Try to play through the whole tune! Nice job!


Great work on Dream On! It’s a tough tune but the shapes we are using will be incredibly useful in the future! Keep working and focusing on it. Try to play through the form! We can learn any of the lead lines you are interested in also! Practice Monster for next week. Bring another tune you want to learn for next time. Great job!


Nice work on Iron Man! Practice this tune really slowly, and focus on getting the right rhythm for each note of the riff. Listen to the song if you need a refresher! Great work on Number of the Beast and The Trooper! Focus on The Trooper this week. It is a really cool riff with some great things to learn from it. Again, the key to playing this song fast is to practice it very slowly. Nice work!


Great work on Here Comes the Sun! Listen to the song this week. Try to connect the pieces we have learned with the different sections of the song. This song is really tough but you are doing great! We have one more tough section to go over and then you know the whole song! Super cool! Great work!