Good to see you today! And very glad you’re feeling better.

What we worked on: We worked through If I Were a Bell more, and chose a new song – “A Guy I’d Kinda Be In To.

Recommended minutes to practice: As usual 10 – 20 minutes a week.

What to practice:  Practice through Bell more – experiment with your vowels, especially those i and oo vowels above your break. Also practice working through your break. Also give a good listen to the new song. We’ll dig into it next week.

How to practice it most effectively:  For your vowels, be sure to experiment a bunch. Chances are, an a or ah vowel will be your best bet, but try until you feel the most comfortable. To practice through your break, make sure you’re practicing your slides up and down the scale very slowly. Make sure you’re hitting every note in between.

How parents can support practice:



What we worked on: Today we worked through “Maybe” again.

Recommended minutes to practice: About 15 minutes a day.

What to practice: Maybe, listen to the original song and sing along with it to become familiar with the melody more and more. Then practice by yourself with the karaoke track I gave you.

How to practice it most effectively: Listening is key. Make sure you’re listening to the music as you sing – it’ll always help you.

How parents can support practice: Please make sure she has a printed copy of her sheet music to practice with. And see if perhaps you can set aside time each day to make sure she’s practicing. I know we all get busy, but maybe set aside a few minutes each day to encourage practice.