Keep working on Dani California, it sounds awesome! Try to play through the whole song! If the recording is too fast, use the “playback speed” function on Youtube and play at 75% speed. For the lead line, remember to keep your first finger down the whole time. Also when playing the hammer on / pull off, try to make small movements (keeping those fingers close to the neck). Also work on Eye of the Tiger. To get the fast 16th note intro, build up from quarter notes to eighth notes to sixteenth notes like we did. Accents on the down beats are very important for rhythm and not getting lost. We will work on the chords next week. I have a trick that will make them a lot easier.


Keep playing Waving Flag, it sounds amazing! Try to memorize the lyrics this week. Remember you can find the right version on Youtube by looking up “Waving Flag tiktok version”. Find a new song you want to learn next week! I hope your performance goes well!


Bad Guy is sounding great! Keep practicing the riff and solo section. For the solo, the notes are across 4 frets: therefore we can assign one finger to each fret, which will always play notes in that fret. Try to play in these positions as much as possible, and try to use your pinky more. I have an exercise that will help us practice this, we will do it next time. Good job!


Great work on Purple Haze, Hey Joe, Buddy Holly and the Sweater Song. Keep practicing all of these and have them as part of your repertoire of songs you can play! Try to play all of these along to the recordings this week. If they are too fast, use the “playback speed” function on Youtube. Practice Here Comes the Sun this week, we will keep working on it next time. Also bring another tune you want to work on!


Keep practicing On Green Dolphin Street, it sounds awesome. The next step for this tune is to use proper fingerings and play in positions. The melody has a lot of repeating patterns and if we play in positions, this can help us greatly (with memorization, intonation, and tone). Practice Au Privave this week. I know the melody is tricky, but take it slow. Next week, we will focus on playing it in time, and polish the phrasing of each line. Try to remember to bring your electric next time so we can finish Sir Duke. Great work!


Keeping playing Dark Horse, it sounds great. You have the whole vocal melody now, so play along to the song with both the chords and the melody separately. This week, work on the tunes we learned: Diamonds, Toy and Bad Guy. Try to play along to the songs! Maybe we will learn the vocal melodies next week. Keep bringing in new songs you want to learn!