Great work this week! Keep up with practicing about 5-10min a day. Your sound has come such a long way since our last lesson – let’s not lose the momentum!

Work on the last 2 lines of the F study – focus on really getting each pitch in tune and feel confident in the note you’re playing.

Finish Georgia on my mind – make sure you’re breathing where I’ve marked it to make it make sense musically. We can finally move onto something new next week!



Great work this week! Continue practicing 10-15min a day.

Yesterday solo – work on slurring the higher notes and using those core muscles to push the air out rather than squeezing.

Best of Queen – keep air moving and use the crescendos to help you get the high E in We are the champions. Again, use those core muscles to help move the air faster. Don’t squeeze!!

Hey Jude – erase all of your fingerings from the page and only write in ones you are unfamiliar with as reminders! This will help you process the information faster when reading new music.