Great job this week. The past two lessons have showed amazing growth! The Weight is sounding great. Practice the transitions between each chord back and forth as you were in class. Keep going with the bar chord stuff too. Practice our four shapes (major and minor from the E and A strings), as well as the process to determine what chord you are playing. Go back through the songs we have done and play them with bar chords! I’m thinking Viva La Vita, Twist and Shout and Bad Moon Rising. Great work.


Nice work on the bar chords! You are getting really fast with the chord shapes. Keep working on our four bar chord shapes (major and minor from the E and A strings) and our process for figuring out what chord it is. Work on Sweater Song this week. Also work on My Name Is Jonas and Say It Ain’t so. It will be really helpful to apply what we have learned to songs that you like! Great job!


Nice work on Smells Like Teen Spirit! It’s sounding really good! Keep going with it! Nice work on In Bloom. Have a listen to the song and try to connect the different parts to the different sections. Also work on Blitzkrieg Bop. That was sounding great! I know it is confusing with all the chord changes but it will make sense the more you listen to the song. We will keep working on this one. Great work!


Happy Holidays to all!