Nice work on Sweet Child of Mine! Try to play through the whole song! Great work on Salute Your Solution today! Practice the (bar) chords and the riff. Try to play along to the song! Focus on memorizing the frets I assigned to you today. It will be incredibly helpful to get familiar with more of the neck! Keep working on counting up each string also. We will do Blue Orchid next time! Great work!


Brand New Cadillac sounds great! Try to play along to the song! Nice work on Fell In Love With a Girl! I want to get you back into bar chords, so practice this one with bar chords this week. Nice work with the right hand techniques! We will continue this discussion on strumming patterns next time. Great work!


Nice work on Cake By The Ocean. Keep working on the riff and the chords. Slow down the riff when you are practicing. It will help you get the right rhythm with those really fast triplets. Listen to the song if you need a reminder. Nice work on Slim Shady today! That is a really fun riff. We will keep working on that tune next time. Keep bring in songs you want to learn! Great work!


Nice work on Here Comes the Sun! Focus on smoothing out the phrasing of the riff this week. Try to play each note longer, and practice the transitions between notes. Have a listen to the song and take note of the phrasing and articulation. We will keep working away at this. Nice job with the chords today! Keep working on the strumming pattern. Playing with a pick will help a lot with this section. We will keep working on this tune next time. Great work!


Nice job with Let It Be! Do not stress about the F chord. This is something that can be worked on over time. That shape will become very important though so keep working away at it! Nice job on Rock You Like a Hurricane! Practice it with both power chords and open chords. Nice job with our discussion about the fretboard! We will keep working on this together. Great work!