Nice work on Solute Your Solution! Keep working on both the chords and the riff. Focus on your right hand and the string changes when playing the riff. Practice it slow, but in time. Great work on Blue Orchid today! Practice those two main riffs that we went over. This is a great song to practice rhythm ideas and right hand techniques. We will keep working on this next time. Great work!


Brand New Cadillac sounds great! All the different parts sound really good. Practice the structure of the riff this week. Try to play along to the song! Fell In Love With a Girl sounds great too! This is a great song to practice right hand strumming patterns. Remember the idea we talked about: when playing chords (generally speaking), our right hand should not stop moving. In other words, our right hand is going to move with the beat of the song. Remember that when practicing this week. Nice work on Sixteen Saltines! We will finish it next time! Great work!


Nice work on Cake By The Ocean! The next step for this song is to really focus on those triplets. If you practice that rhythm, the whole song will get much smoother and faster! Practice the song slow, but in time for now. Nice work on Slim Shady also! Again, start out by practicing this song slowly. Repeat the specific parts of the riff you find hard over and over. Once we work on the hardest parts of the riff, the whole thing will come together. We will finish this one next time. Nice work!


Great work on Here Comes The Sun! It is really coming along. Focus on the chords and bridge section this week. Try to play along to the song! Use YouTube’s playback feature to play at 75% speed, because the song is very fast. Nice work on It Was A Good Day and Slim Shady! Try to play along with the tracks! Bring more songs you want to learn next time! I like this hip hop direction! Great work!