Under Cover Of Darkness sounds great! Practice the riff like we did today. By separating the two parts, you can focus on the tougher phrases. Focus on the chords this week. With your right hand, the focus should be on the strumming pattern. With your left hand, the focus should be on the chord switching. Tackle these two parts independently, and slowly try to put them together. Great work!


Great job on Love Gun! It is sounding great! Try to play along to the song! Keep working on the ‘gallop’ pattern from Barracuda. This is a really good right hand exercise. Nice work on Take Me Out today! Make sure you do not get this pattern confused with Barracuda as they are very different. Take Me Out is very straight and very even. Listen to the tunes if you need a reminder! Great work!


Scar Tissue sounds great! Focus on the chords this week! The main ideas to focus on are the strumming pattern and the chord switching. Spend some time this week on the solo sections as well. Try to play them along to the song! Nice work on Can’t Stop! This riff is pretty tricky so take it slow. Once you get the pattern down, it makes a lot more sense! Great work!