Nice work on Blue Orchid and Hardest Button to Button! Those are sounding really good. Play along to the songs this week! Great work on Under Cover of Darkness! This song is tough but it is really fun. Focus on the riff in the intro this week. Listen to the song if you need a reference. Try out the chords that we went over, and we will finish the rest next time. Great work!


Great work on Brand New Cadillac! That one sounds really good. Play along to the song! Nice work on Hardest Button to Button! Keep working on the chord shapes for this one. It will become much easier if you spend some time with that shape. Nice work on Love Gun! Good choice of song! Practice the riff this week with power chords. We will revisit this one with bar chords. Great work!


Nice work on Slim Shady! It is sounding great! The fingering is looking much better this week. I would love for you to get your pinky involved though, as this song is played across 4 frets. Nice work on Cake By The Ocean. Focus on that triplet rhythm this week. Nice work on The Fear! Nice choice of song! Work on the riff this week. We will work on the chords next time! Great work!


Nice work on Golden Slumbers! I like that you chose to play this one with bar chords. Focus on this one this week. More specifically, focus on the chord transitions. Do this by repeating each chord transition over and over. Each of your fingers will learn where they have to go for the next chord. Nice work on Space Oddity! This one is really fun. Practice this one with open chords. Great work!


Nice work on Bad Moon Rising and Snow! Focus on the chord transitions this week. Go back and forth between each chord until it is feeling smoother. Nice work on Scar Tissue this week! Do not stress over the intro riff. There are some really advanced techniques going on there that we will work on over time. Focus on the chords mainly this week. Great work!