In My Life is sounding awesome. Keep practicing along with the song, with attention to the rhythm. Keep working on About Damn Time also. Practice Come Down for next lesson. There is a lot of great things to take from this riff. The rhythm is really tricky so keep listening to the track to have it in your head. Also practice the scales we went over today: major, minor and blues. Try moving them around the bass! Nice job!


Wake up is sounding great! Keep working on both the chord shapes and the strumming patterns. You did great today with the topic of bar chords. Try playing Wake Me Up with the bar chord shapes we went over also. Your main focus over the break should be those three chord shapes from the song. Try moving them around the guitar! Great work!


Island In The Sun sounds great! Try playing along to the song. Nice work on Rock and Roll today. That riff is a very classic blues pattern, so it is a great one to know! The same can be said about the other tune we did: Ballad of John and Yoko. Play through this one with the chords, the bass line and the lead line. These tunes will give you some amazing blues and rock vocabulary! Great job!


Great work on But Not For Me. Keep working on the intro and the head. Amazing job today on the solo transcription. This is the hardest piece we have learned, so I appreciate your patience and enthusiasm. Practice the section of solo that we worked on today. We only have a few phrases left, that we will finish next time. A very useful trick in this process would be to learn how to sing the solo. You do not have to spend a lot of time with this, but it would help get the phrasing of each line in your head. Great work!


In My Life sounds awesome! Try playing along with the song! Let It Snow sounds really good too. You know the whole song now so practice the full structure (AABA). We will learn the chords to this one next time! Great work on The Sound of Music tunes. They are really tricky but they are sounding great! I will write out tabs for you the next time I see you! Great job!


Happy holidays to all!!