Great work on Let It Be! We will continue to work on the phrasing of the melody. A helpful trick would be to learn the words and sing along while playing. We are, after all, trying to sound more ‘vocal-like’ when playing melodies. Remember, the song is your best resource! Pay attention to the way each line is phrased. Keep going with the bar chords. It is really coming along. Also, great job with our talk on diatonic chords. Great work!


Nice work on Wildest Dreams! It is sounding great! Keep playing through each section. Singing along is a great way to know where you are in the song. It also helps you think of what the next notes should be! Nice work on West Virginia today! That is a great song choice! We will finish the melody and learn the chords next time! Great work!


Nice work on Run! The bar chords are really coming along. Keep asking questions so we can clarify these crucial topics! We will keep practicing our process for playing bar chords. Nice work on Cake By The Ocean! Try to get the riff up to speed this week! The toughest part of this one is the fast triplets. Work on just those sections first, and then incorporate them into the riff. Also work on Armour this week! Great work!


Nice work on Anthropology! This is a very advanced piece but its really coming along. You should make sure you are playing with the proper fingerings and positions each time you play. This will help you massively! Isolate the toughest sections this week and repeat them until they are feeling smoother. Keep working on But Not For Me! It is awesome to be able to play the head and transcribed solo of a tune. Listen to Ella’s version of Lullaby of Birdland this week! Great work!


Continental Breakfast is sounding awesome! You showed great progress with the fingerpicking this week! You managed to straighten out the rhythm of the pattern too which is really good. Keep that in your mind, and try not to fall back into swinging it. How Lucky and Speed of Sound of Loneliness are also sounding good. As these are more basic progressions, try to throw in the other ideas we worked on (adding the 4th and adding a double stop first note). Nice work on Set Fire to the Rain! Practice it both fingerpicking and strumming. Both sound good! Great work!