Nice work on Run! Keep practicing those bar chord shapes. They will be incredibly useful. Great work on Perfect today! Again, work on the shapes as much as possible. Between these two songs, we use all four of the bar chord shapes we know: major and minor from the E string and A string. We will keep reviewing exactly how these shapes work. Good job!


Say It Ain’t So sounds great! There are not many chords in this tune but there are a lot of different rhythms. Spend time with each section this week and try to get the different feels down. Great work on Solute Your Solution! The tricky part of the riff is the string changing. Try to get the rhythm of that riff really tight. Listen to the song if you need a reminder. Nice work on Over and Over! We will finish this one next time. Good work!


Anthropology and But Not For Me are really coming along! I am glad you have both these tunes memorized. That is a really big step in learning these challenging pieces. The next step is to focus on speed and phrasing. Repeat each phrase separately when practicing. The next step after that would be to repeat each section of the piece until you are happy with the phrasing. Breaking down these pieces into smaller chunks lets us understand what our hands need to do in each given moment. Great work on Feel Like Making Love! Practice the melody and harmony this week. We will keep working on it next time. Nice work!


It’s Hard To Get Around The Wind sounds great! Keep working on it! Keep practicing the fingerpicking for it but do not get frustrated with it. It is a useful pattern to know however. We will work away at it. Great work on Piledriver Waltz and Stuck On The Puzzle! These tunes have a lot of challenges, and a lot of things to teach us. Focus on the chord switching and harmony movement this week. These are really fun songs to play along to as well. Try it out! Great work!