The tunes from Matilda are sounding great! Keep practicing along to the songs! Great work on the finger picking double stop. Keep your focus on that this week. It is amazing you got it going with Continental Breakfast! Keep experimenting with it. Try it out in different places within the progression. Nice work on Baby Says! This one has a lot of great topics to discuss, so we will come back to it. It is a very hard song with a lot of different challenges, but the double stop is a huge achievement! Great work on On Script! We will keep working on it next time. Great work!


Your soloing vocabulary is really coming along! Incorporating multiple scales and triads into a solo is a big accomplishment. Keep playing along to backing tracks! Try out different keys! Focus on the idea of switching between multiple scales this week. The ones we went over are the minor pentatonic played from the root and from the relative minor. Also spend some time with the concepts of phrasing and motif building as discussed. Great work!


Great job with Perfect! Keep working on that one. Try to get every note of each bar chord to ring out. You are doing great and I appreciate your patience through these difficult topics! Keep using and studying that piano that we drew out. That will be your key to understanding the fretboard. Focus on that progression we did together this week (C#m F#m D A). I like this progression because it uses all four bar chord shapes we have done. We will apply this knowledge to another tune next week. Great work!