C major – 2 octaves one note per bow and 2 notes per bow

  • fully extend the arm on the A string. Make sure your elbow isn’t bent when you’re playing at the tip of the bow
  • try to keep the bow in the “middle lane” – half way between the end of the fingerboard and the bridge
  • Left hand fingers should be fully rounded as you push down the string
  • try not to change the bow speed when you put down a different finger/change a note
  • Down bow bow distribution looks great! Try to do the same on the up bow. Imagine there’s a peice of tape on the middle of the bow stick, when you reach the tape, change the note

G and D major – work on 4 notes per bow

  • try to increase the speed of your left and right hand
  • try not to stop the bow on the string crossing

EE study book – how to read bass clef

  • double dots next to a double bar line = repeat. Repeat back to the beginning or the other repeat sign
  • quarter notes and quarter rests have the same value
  • pizz first then try adding the bow. When using the bow stay in the middle 3rd of the bow. Don’t stop the bow in between notes, only for rests (silence)
  • Think 1stfinger LOWER and 4th finger HIGHER
  • This week work on 33, 34, 36, 40-42

Song of the Wind

  • don’t forget about the rests! full quarter rests
  • 1st finger lower
  • practice with a metronome 52-62. The main melody is mostly eighth notes, meaning that you will play TWO notes for every ONE metronome beat.
  • Start adding the bow at a slower tempo – RETAKE: bring your bow back to the frog during the rest or at the end of a phrase
  • Work on eighth notes being half the length of quarters
  • when you retake your bow, make sure the bow is fully in the string before starting to play again. No bouncing!!!

Lightly Row

  • Slower bow speed on the half notes
  • connect your half notes into the next phrase, don’t stop the bow
  • make sure to turn the corner with teh bow on the A string

Start listening to Go Tell Aunt Rody (spotify or youtube)

  • listening is a great way to learn a new piece. See if you can pluck along without the music
  • starts on Fsharp


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