Slurred String Crossings

  • great that you’re going slow
  • get the weight out of the frog a bit more especially on the D and A strings.
  • make sure you aren’t pressing ever
  • think for the C string of dropping the elbow below the C string and pulling rather than pushing from above

G minor harmonic

  • use the whole bow all the way from the frog to the tip
  • Eflat extension can be lower
  • Raise left arm in anticipation of the shift. elbow will end up at the same height, if you raise your arm before you shift
  • shift slower, start it sooner
  • make sure you’re not pushing the string down during the whole shift

G minor Melodic

  • increase tempo for 8 per bow
  • What’s the difference between Eflat and E natural in 4th position

Lee Study 2

  • Really watch in front of a mirror doing slow work. Being super careful with right elbow placeent
  • drop elbow more for C string
  • use more bow everywhere
  • initiate all strokes with elbow
  • keep practicing in rhythms
  • focus in on getting good sound quality on the C and G strings
  • raise elbow before string crossings

Hunter’s Chorus

  • right elbow is swinging nicely
  • right arm could open more, especially on long tones and on the A string. I’m seeing too much shoulder and wrist
  • careful not to rush, keep working with the metronome
  • work on accents in last pattern with the accented quarter notes. Isolate into first and last note of the pattern.go into the upper half