Casey Ann,

Warm up : scales C, D, E, G major and minor , Triads – 4 octaves, HT

In progress: Sailor moon – focus on the broken chords in LH , bring to tempo then try HT

New : Memory, HS, be sure to follow indicated fingering

Review : Far Away from home (also use as a warm up, or intermission piece:))

(practice time: 20 minutes a day)


Warm up : C major scale, 1 octave, HS/HT – in contrary motion

New : Caterpillar – have our hands position ready

Review : Skipping frogs – skip a key- skip a finger

By memory : Bat and an owl

(practice time : 10 minutes a day)


Warm up: scales C, G HT/HS major and minor, triads solid/ broken

In progress : Blues in C – try HT

Review : Blue scales /Why am I blue – G position ready

New : Red River Valley – us on the chords in LH

(practice time : 15 minutes a day)


Warm up : C major scale and triads HS/HT

In progress : Haunted Mouse – A minor position

New : Heart bnd soul (C/D/A/G – base notes)

(practice time : 15 minutes a day)


Warm up : 5 notes finger scales

Review : Tight Rope Walker / Walking Song – make sure to have your position ready for both LH and RH , keep your beat evenly

New : I Hear Echo – follow the dynamic (f – p) pattern

Rhythm exercise – count your beat (quarter – half – whole notes)

(practice time : 10 -15 minutes a day)


Warm up: C, G, D, E, B major scales and triads – HS/HT

Review : In the hall of the mountain king – work on changing your position smoothly (LH)

In progress – Birch canoe – HT (focus on the last line)

(practice time : 15 minutes a day)


Warm up : C, G, D, A, E major scales and triads, HS/HT

Review : Overture – focus on the second page, try to bring it up to the same tempo as page 1

In progress : Turkish March – HS, make sure to follow the indicated fingering

(practice time : 15 – 20 minutes a day)