Hi everyone,

Here is the homework for this week. One more week of lessons and then time to celebrate the holidays :)


  • Add D major into your repertoire. This means the major scales you will be working on over the holidays are: C, G, F, Bb, D, and Eb! Six down, six to go. Don’t forget to practice your scales full range, meaning: start on the root of the scale, play up to the highest note within the scale that you can reach, go down to the lowest note within the scale that you can reach, and go back up to the root of the scale! Remember to work on your thirds and arpeggios too.
  • Continue working through your two new music books! Focus on Fur Elise & Gynomepedie No. 1. Work both with a metronome and without, so you can get the natural, “flow-y” feel of the music.
  • Look at the Mozart duet we checked out. Practice slowly, with a metronome and try to take note of what is happening with the upper part so you aren’t confused when the parts are not in unison. Listen to some different versions on YouTube as well – you may be able to find one with two clarinets! Try to (slowly) work it up to tempo. If you have time, you may take a look at the other duet I gave you.


  • Keep working on your Rock Band music over the break. Focus on the newer version of Seven Nation Army. Remember to be “punchy” with the quarter-note triplets! Articulate them clearly (no slurring), and make the notes somewhat short, but not staccato. Listen to the original recording as well to get an idea of what it should sound like.
  • New year’s resolution – bring a folder and your Rubank book? :) See you in January!


  • Keep working on your three scales – D, C, and F major! Make sure to practice them two octaves w/ a metronome. Slowly work the tempo up, increasing by 5 bpm ONLY when you feel completely confident with each scale.
  • When you do your warm up (long-tones w/ metronome), spend some extra time with your lower notes – especially low C!! Remember to relax and “bring down” your jaw as much as possible. Put the sax in your mouth/set up your embouchure before you play the note!
  • Continue with the ESA audition piece. Focus mainly on the more difficult section of the piece (starting at where it is marked “Trio”) and work with a metronome. If you are confused by any of the rhythms:
    1. Try clapping them w/ a metronome before you play them.
    2. Listen to the song on YouTube! Try to find a version played by a saxophone player, and play along with it.
    3. Get rid of any grace notes or ties! Add them in after you feel like you can “hear” the music in your head.
    And I will try my best to find a better copy of the piece for you :)