Try to include the lip bends and slurred intervals into your practice routine. As a reminder, slurred intervals you would start on G and expand on both sides, always returning to the middle note. Use your air & activate your core when slurring up to the higher pitches. Try to always make it a very clean movement from note to note. 

Ab and C# (Db) sounded good today! Practice tonguing each note twice as we did. That will help your tongue response and note accuracy. For next week, have B and F# major ready. 

Nice job on All Through the Night. All thats missing is the small details now. Keep a close eye on dynamics and articulation when playing through in the future. Try even over emphasizing all of those details just to see how extreme you can get…. You might realize you like it better that way. 

Nice job on Parasail song.


Thank you for the attentiveness today. I felt that we had a great lesson!

Keep on practicing the major scales. Today we looked at G, D, and A major. When learning new scales, go fingering by fingering without playing the notes just to boost your confidence before playing it for real. That worked great when we did that on D major. Review those three as well as the few we did the other weeks. C, F, Bb, and Eb. 

All through the Night & German Dance are both coming together nicely. You’ve got the notes and rhythms down with confidence, so all thats missing is the smaller details. Focus on making a big difference with dynamics in both pieces. In German Dance, the dynamics are marked nicely, but All Through the Night isn’t, so you’ll have to make your own musical judgement with that. I mentioned what I think is appropriate.. I hope you remember! On German Dance in particular, you did a great job with articulation. Keep up the good work!