These are the exercises that will make you better at playing trumpet:

Lead pipe buzzing – play around with pitch, dynamics and tongue. Lip slurs: Start on low C and just use the air & face to slur to G. Try for the C above that as well. Continue this exercise down a semi tone each time. Long Tones: we haven’t talked about these yet but they’re pretty straight forward. Start on low C and hold for a full breath. Continue to do this, while expanding chromatically from each direction (sorry for sounding so fancy). For example, you will play C for a full breath, then B, then C#, Bb, D, etc…. These will make every part of the horn feel comfortable & efficient!!!

Try to do 15/ 20 mins of these exercises collectively.

Exercises for musicality:

Major Scales: Nice job learning Bb and D Major! Two more for next lesson please :) Play them slurred & tongued, and for fun, try them in 3rds. (C,E,D,F,E,G, Etc…) Be very conscious of what notes you are playing!!! This will help you with your reading skills as well. Ear Training: Attempt to learn some more songs you like by ear. You have very strong ears and if you develop them they will be a great asset. Use logic & your ear to decipher what is being played. For an extra challenge, Try to play Happy Birthday in another key. Scales are just specific arrangements of notes… and so are melodies. Therefore they can also be played in every key! Duets: I attached the link to the sheet music and tpt 2 parts for 3 duets. These will be great for your playing!!! Try to have one ready to preform for our next lesson.

Do these until they feel comfortable. Take as long as you need. Remember! This is FUN!! :)

Duet Videos:

Sheet music: