Great job this week, everyone! Here are your homework suggestions:


-keep practicing your Halloween piece
-keep practicing Petite Minuet, feeling the waltz time!
-you can also try out Hey Look at Me on page 52, skipping up and down (skipping over a note) and we’ll work more on that next week!


-Hey Jude: continue with the first 2 pages hands together, and continue with the next page hands separate. Keep an eye out for those notes, especially the ledger lines, to make sure you’re playing the correct ones. (mainly in the last line)
-continue to practice your Halloween pieces! Try to pay attention to dynamics and articulation (staccato vs legato)


-Not sure if you got the Halloween pieces from a few weeks ago, but here they are again. Do you want to pick one and we can try to play through some of it next week?
-Night of the Tarantella: keep practicing, and work on keeping up the quick 6/8 time through bars 9-16
-Morning: practice hands separately the first page that we’ve covered so far


-Monster Rock: play through a few times this week!
-Jack O Lantern’s Grin: Keep practicing, noticing dynamics and articulation!
-Sonatina: try putting page 3 hands together this week, and continue to practice the first two pages
-triads and scales


-Remains of the Day: practice playing through the whole piece this week, paying special attention to the syncopated rhythm on page 3 (“off the beat”)
-Alone on Halloween: keep up the practicing
-The Puppet Show: practice this new one hands together, watch out for staccato in 2nd last bar


-practice playing through your 2 Halloween pieces
-Come See the Parade: keep up the practicing, remember in bar 5 and 9, that the next note after C is the B right below it
-Allegro: practice playing hands together (the E in treble clef and C in bass clef in bars 1-2, and 5-6 play at the same time!)

Awesome job this week! See you next time :)