Hi everyone,

Here are your homework assignments for this week:


Keep working on the beats an rhythms that we practiced together in your lesson. Strive for consistency in your playing. Try to play each exercise several times in a row without stopping. It’s important to keep everything “in time.” Don’t speed up or slow down, and make sure you give each note its full rhythmic value.


Take a look at the four new beats that I gave you this week. Practice playing each one several times in a row without stopping. Also, try playing them at different speeds: slow, medium, and fast. If you have difficulty, then practice very slowly until the rhythms start to feel comfortable. Then gradually speed it up.


Great work on the latin beats this week! Practice the new left hand pattern along with each of the different right hand rhythms. Remember to practice slowly at first and, if you need to, isolate 1 or 2 of the parts and practice them separately.


Practice your beats in 2-bar phrases. Try to come up with creative combinations that sound good to you and that follow the pattern that we have been using: hi-hat plays eighth notes, snare plays on 2 and 4, and the bass drum varies. Focus on playing each beat consistently for an extended period of time (1-2 minutes).


Practice the Son Clave, the Rhumba Clave, and Bossa Nova rhythm in combination with eighth notes, quartet notes, and off-beat quarter notes (all written in your book). Try to come up with creative and challenging combinations. Perhaps play the clave with your feet and the other rhythms with your hands. There are many different combinations – the idea is to gain rhythmic independence in all four of your limbs.