Hey everyone, here is the homework for this week.


  • Keep working on your minor scales, with emphasis on G and B minor.
  • Fantasy Piece – start thinking about dynamics. Remember that most of the dynamic markings written in go by pretty quickly. Experiment, and remember with dynamics you can always be more dramatic than you think.
  • Mozart Duets – try speeding both of these up a little bit (especially the one in 3/4).


  • Remember to think about the angle of the clarinet this week while practicing. Keep your chin upwards instead of tucked in, and bring the clarinet inwards so that it isn’t going straight out.
  • iRealBook – in case you don’t remember, to access the jazz songs on the app: press the “forums” button, click “Jazz”, then “Jazz 1300 Standards” and import. For Days of Wine and Roses – you will have to change the key to Eb major (concert) which will show up as F major for you.
  • Play along to Days of Wine and Roses – think specifically about tuning and tone.
  • Spring – Keep practicing with a metronome, and don’t forget to include the “stacatto” markings (this means the note is “clipped” or shorter – but not faster tempo wise!)


  • Work on A natural, harmonic and melodic minor. Try to remember the differences between the three scales.
  • Keep working on the March with the metronome. Remember – isolate the difficult sections first, and once it sounds good or when you’ve played it endlessly at a slower tempo, try playing along with the metronome and doing your best to catch what you can, over and over.


  • Remember to keep your embouchure relaxed, and make sure your bottom lip isn’t tucked all the way in.
  • In the Hall of the Mountain King – work on it up until where we talked abbout. Work on it section by section.
  • Don’t forget your band music next week pleeeease!


  • Camille can keep working on her C, G, F, and D major scales and arpeggios.
  • Remind her to stay relaxed and to unroll her bottom lip so the notes come out right.
  • Pavane – she should work on the first couple of pages until where we stopped. Make sure she is playing the correct rhythms, and not holding out the eighth notes too long.