Hello all,

Here is this week’s homework:


This week we looked at “Ahead of a Century” by The Tragically Hip.  This song in particular does not have an apparent bass part in the studio version.  Because of this, we discussed ways of adding a bass part and creating contrast in the song. We discussed a few possibilities: Playing chords on the bass, Playing a simple bass line with held notes and adding melodic ideas to the bass line. Try to play along with the song on YouTube and experiment with different ideas based on the list above.


This week we looked at “Ode to Joy” in your guitar book. We focus mainly on the first four bars and played them individually. Continue to practice the song this way. After getting used to each bar, start to join them together one at a time. Remember to practice in time and at a comfortable tempo.


This week we reviewed your chords. Specifically, we looked at G, C and D7. Practice these chords using exercise number 36 in your Hal Leonard Guitar Book. This exercise will help you with switching between chords and learning to memorize chords and move from one to the other. If playing the chords in time proves to be too difficult, play them out of time and focus on switching and getting a good sound.


Have a great week everyone! Happy practicing!