Could you pick up a duotang or binder for our homework sheets for next week?

  1. Continue fading-in longtones on a comfortable LH note (G-C).
  2. Bb major scale – start by walking slowly down to Bb: F, Eb, D, C, Bb.
  3. All Blues – listen to it here. Practice with a metronome and try to imitate the swing feeling from the recording.
  4. Read through Voxman Lesson 9


Keep track of your days of practice this week! Daily practice, even for just a few minutes, is much more fruitful than cramming.

  1. Register Switch Exercise: low G to middle D. Practice switching with the witch chin and strong air, then putting down your RH pinky C key. Use this note to play the circled 4 bars of Rudolph.
  2. Technique: #12 and #14 in Galper Book
  3. Repertoire: #15 in Galper


This week, take a listen to this great album: But Beautiful – Bill Evans and Stan Getz. Listen to Stan’s sound – so uniform, full and dark in all registers.

  1. Voicing – pg. 14 up to 1st overtone of middle C.
  2. Continue chromatic scale – aim to get to 115-120 bpm this week, going from low Bb to high F#.
  3. Eb major from low Bb to high Eb. Remember Ab’s, and move at a comfortable tempo that we can then move faster.
  4. Pg. 48 in Voxman Duets. Learn the 1st part, practicing with a metronome. If this comes easily after a few days, try the second part as well.
  5. Continue Voxman etude – write in your own breath markings at the ends of phrases. Try musically slowing down before breaths and exaggerate the written dynamics.