Awesome lessons today, and practice this past week, guys.  All of you!!!  Keep it up!


The above said, I know you could be progressing much faster than you (not that I am not complaining), if you found time to practice that extra bit more every chance that you get.  You’re talented, boy, so honour that talent!


RELAX those fingers and hands, and, at the same time, make your fingers super-active, lifting up HIGH off the keys after playing notes, HIGH wrists and extended elbows, dear.  And, breathe (release the tension).  In.  All.  That.  You.  Do.  :)


Awesome practice this past week, or something’s really starting to click with you.  Lift those fingers HIGH off of keys after playing notes, wrists HIGH, elbows EXTENDED, and practice sections of your pieces that are causing you difficulty in SLOW MOTION.